Posted on 14-Apr-2020


Slimwave summer is still coming! Tighten, tone, sculpt and contour your body your way. Slimwave uses electrode muscle stimulation to give your muscles an intense workout, burning fats and glucose while you relax. Coupled with infratherapy your lymphatic system will eliminate toxins, bloat and water retention and stimulate curculation. Most clients see results with one session but for the most effective, long lasting results we recommend 10 sessions. Lose inches. Contour your curves. Build real muscle. Improve your overall health with Slimwave. Get back in the game with this proven technology that's used by professional body builders, fitness coaches and astronauts. Gift certificates are available for online purchase and can be redeemed when we re-open. Find out more by visiting our website or calling, emailing or texting us.
Summer is coming!! We promise you!
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