Posted on Apr 22, 2021



Apr 22, 2021 – May 21, 2021
It's the battle of the bulge and we can help you win!
Until May 21, 2021 when you buy any number of areas for fat freezing you get the same number of areas FREE!
Cryolipolysis, or fat freezing, is a safe, effective and non-surgical way to rid your body of stubborn areas of fat. The procedure takes about an hour (depending on the number of areas being treated) and requires zero downtime. You can get the treatment on your lunch hour! Resume normal daily activity right downtime!
It's virtually pain free and the results are permanent! Find out if you're a good candidate for fat freezing by contacting us and booking your consultation.
You have nothing to lose other than unwanted fat!
Valid Apr 22, 2021 – May 21, 2021
Terms and Conditions
Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers. Everyone responds differently to the treatments and you may require a second treatment. A consultation is recommended.
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