Posted on May 25, 2021



May 25, 2021 – Jun 30, 2021
Get results like these with fat freezing and save money with our BOGO Fat Freezing Event!
When you buy any number of areas for fat freezing you get the same number of areas FREE! Save money and permanently eliminate fat in those stubborn areas that are not responding to diet or exercise.
How does it work?
Fat freezing uses controlled cooling temperatures that target fat cells causing them to die, and be naturally eliminated by your body. You'll begin to see results in 6-12 weeks that are permanent.
We recommend eating a healthy, balanced diet and drinking lots of water to help your body get rid of the dying and dead fat cells, helping you achieve your goals faster!
Summer is here! Enjoy it with confidence, and a slimmer silhouette AND save money! All you have to lose is unwanted fat!
Find out more by visiting our website, or call or email us with your questions or to book your consultation, and be on your way to fitting into your favourite summer outfits.
Long live summer!
Valid May 25, 2021 – Jun 30, 2021
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Not applicable with other offers or discounts. A consultation is recommended to ensure your are a good candidate for fat freezing.
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